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The latest generations of Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung continues to set itself apart with its latest generation of Galaxy smartphones that combine the latest innovations in photography, quality materials, smooth displays and comfortable battery life. Latest mobile trends, offers and promotions from the Korean giant in the mobile and portable world can be found on our site and many other addresses highly recommended for high-tech lovers! More on

Chargers for mobile
Chargers for mobile phones2

Chargers for mobile phones

Charger models on the market today offer 2 to 8 USB ports, which means that up to eight different devices can be charged on the same socket. Find a selection of induction chargers, universal foldable wireless Qi chargers, wireless fast chargers, fast induction chargers, waterproof solar chargers with dual USBs, more details on


The major brands of mobile phones

Many brands have proven themselves with their various collections and high-performance devices such as Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, LG or Apple, the renowned American brand that you can explore on specialized websites.


Memory: power under the hood

Among the most decisive characteristics when choosing a smartphone are the power of the processor and the storage memory. If you want to play the latest mobile games, consider a device with more than 6 GB of RAM, while 2 GB of RAM will be enough to surf the net.


Autonomy: until the end of the night

When buying an iPhone, Galaxy… in a mobile phone shop, be sure to look at the charging capacities. Some devices come with Quick Charge technology that brings a breathless smartphone back to life in minutes and then last a full day.


Accessories for Smartphones and Tablets

Discover all the essential accessories for Smartphones and Tablets to protect and undress your mobile in style, as points out : Cases, covers, chargers, car chargers, bluetooth speaker, selfie boom, power bank, headset, car holder, chassis, external batteries, earphones, protective films and hands-free kit and much more…

Accessories for Smartphones and Tablets