Accessories & screen protectors

Choose the right cover and case for every smartphone model!

Technology is constantly advancing, creating practical accessories and innovative objects to make people’s daily lives easier. The giants in smartphone manufacturing regularly come up with new products to meet the needs of increasingly demanding consumers, but they still need to…

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A protective cover and film is essential for your mobile phone!

Revolutionary and indispensable objects for the last few decades, smartphones are of paramount importance for everyday life. The fruit of technological developments, they appear flawless and powerful. However, they are not safe from falls, cracks or scratches. Here are some…

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Buying dual sim smartphones: how to make the right choice?

“A dual sim phone is a counterfeit”, “these are low-end phones”. We always heard these phrases before the big brands started marketing these models. In addition to the fact that you don’t have to carry several devices around, they allow…

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