For external use with a discharged battery: a wireless IQ charger is required

You've probably already experienced those unpleasant situations where the battery of your smartphone gives out while you're in the middle of a conversation, playing games or listening to music. Don't panic, here's what you should do. Arm yourself with the famous Qi charger. It's sure to come in handy.

The Qi charger: the charger that's just right for your smartphone

When the internal battery is depleted and charging your mobile through an electrical outlet is impossible, it will impact your day. The new wireless IQ chargers for mobile or tablet and smartphone are the right backup solutions. However, how do they work? It's quite simple and almost child's play. Just connect your mobile to the charger and it will do the rest. You'll be freed from cumbersome cables. The wireless charger is lightweight and easy to carry. It's the perfect alternative to your traditional charger.

The different types of wireless chargers on the market

Smartphones are loyal partners. The better they perform, the more you feel you depend on them. Technology is constantly advancing through innovation. After the creation of smartphones about ten years ago, it still continues to surprise users by relieving them of battery failures in record time. Induction chargers meet the Qi standard. They can power smartphones by placing them on the appropriate support. The universal foldable Qi wireless charger fits all shapes and brands of smartphones. It is lightweight and foldable, so it is portable. There are several models of wireless chargers. The quick wireless charger as well as the wireless Qi dual coil charger or the quick induction charger, allow you to save energy levels in case of emergency.

Where and how to get them?

With a fairly fast pace of life, saving a few minutes is a considerable advantage. It is necessary to be prepared for all eventualities in order to manage the unforeseen in the best possible way. You now know that you no longer need to carry your mains charger with you at all times. Make life easier for yourself and opt for practical gadgets such as Qi wireless chargers so you can use your smartphones and tablets with complete peace of mind. You can buy them in smartphone or mobile accessory stores or via online stores with just a few clicks.
Power-bank is the solution for extended use of your smartphone

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