Power-bank is the solution for extended use of your smartphone

Published on : 23 March 20203 min reading time

A connected generation can’t go a day without its smartphone. It’s all about applications. Yet the more you use your mobile, the more your battery is discharged at a phenomenal rate. So you need to charge it to keep it working. But if you’re not at home, what should you do?

An external battery for your smartphone

External batteries have become the best allies of smartphones and tablets. They extend the endurance of mobile gadgets and adapt to energy innovations. The accessory sector for phones and other products in the same category, such as the tablet, has taken the lead in the face of the rather passive autonomy of internal batteries. Many articles are at your disposal to help you to have more charge and autonomy when you use your mobiles. Able to charge one or two mobiles at the same time, the dual USB external battery is one of the most popular models. Portable and not bulky, it slips easily into your bags and pockets. A power bank has the actual capacity of a portable battery.

Types, sizes, shapes of power bank and external battery

There are as many external chargers as there are types of mobile phones. The age of technology offers a wealth of choice in battery formats. The inductive external battery Qi, with a charging capacity that adapts to your mobile phone, offers you a fairly large charging capacity and powers your mobile phones with great speed. It is useful in case of emergency. It is designed to help you out. Therefore, it adapts to your needs. The water-resistant solar power bank/charger is charged by solar collectors. Very practical especially in summer, when you are out of electrical charge, it is a revolutionary emergency battery. It is equipped with a waterproof solar charger with double USB.

Advantages offered by external batteries

External batteries are a great help when you need your smartphone and the battery level starts to get low. The connection ports are suitable for all types of mobile phones that recharge via USB. You don’t need to find an adapter to use them. With an external solar triple USB battery, for example, you can provide power to three devices at the same time. Its performance provides the power required by smartphones and other machines. What’s more, you can easily purchase them in stores or via the Internet.

For external use with a discharged battery: a wireless IQ charger is required

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