For sports by bike or travelling by motorbike or car, well adapted supports!

You can take your smartphone everywhere if you equip yourself properly. Whether you practice your sport or go for a ride on a bike, motorcycle or car, if you wear the right support, you can use your mobile. What is this support? How does it work? Here are the answers to all your questions.

What is the purpose of these accessories called support?

A stand is a small device that fixes the smartphone. The purpose is to hold the device securely while you're on the move and to keep an eye on it without getting dizzy or embarrassed. The bike/motorcycle handlebar mount, for example, secures your device to the handlebar of the device and keeps it anchored during your activity. Your mobile will be functional and safe. In the car, it will be fixed on the dashboard so that you can use it with complete peace of mind, as your phone acts as a GPS most of the time. However, make sure that the provisions of the highway code are respected to avoid penalties. Stop if you have to touch your phone to change your route.

Models, sizes, and details of these products

Smartphone supports are differentiated by their use, but also by other criteria developed by their designers. For your bikes, you can choose a FitClic bike kit or a bike holder cover. If you use your smartphone as a camera to capture thrill images, or as an action and sports camera, choose the handlebar mount / stem mount bike mount or the iGrip Splashbox bike and motorcycle mount Splashbox waterproof and UV resistant. The latter has an adjustable and swivel head that fits the handlebars easily. Whether you are riding your bike or motorcycle, this holder will hold and protect your phone from UV rays and water.

How to choose your smartphone holder?

Define your needs before choosing any support. Ask yourself a few questions. What do you want to buy it for? What kind of activity will you use it for? Under what circumstances? In the same way that a car mount won't fit on two wheels, make sure it fits your device to allow it to be functional. Most stands fit all phone models. However, you should test before you buy so you don't end up with a useless product.
A mobile office support is necessary!

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