You can watch your mobile content on your TV with a cable or audio/video adapter

Published on : 23 March 20203 min reading time

Photos, travel souvenirs, recipes… So much data stored in such a small device. You can use your TV as a screen to view them. The concept is smart and revolutionary as connectivity accessories are available on the market. Here’s an overview on the subject.

Generic and description of an adapter cable

A connector or adapter is an accessory that connects two devices. These two parts are not designed to be assembled. This leads to the use of a cable or adapter. These accessories provide a stable connection. The connection via USB, standardized by the designers of the devices, is required since the smartphone or tablet has one. For the audio/video connection you have other ways of connecting. The evolution of technology has led to the emergence of multiple device manufacturers. This leads to the incompatibility of some products with others. However, there is a standard that allows the use of these cables.

Characteristics of audio/video cables and adapters

With the help of mobile phone or tablet adapters and cables, the peripherals of the phones or tablets are connected to each other and to other devices such as the TV. The aim is to allow sound and picture to synchronize. Video and sound will therefore be transmitted from one device to another. The audio adapter cable Jack 3 5 mm angled for example, for stereo to male sound, is compatible with the smartphone and tablet through its port. A video adapter is useful for digital video connections such as the MHL Micro-USB male to HDMI female adapter cable. It is a signal converter that allows to adapt the different video inputs and outputs. There is also the HDMI/VGA/USB multi-port adapter, to go with each part like 1m, 2m, 5m, 10m cables.

Your mobile content on your TV with cable or audio/video adapter

To transmit or link your mobile phone to another device such as your TV set, accessories will be required. Both rooms must be equipped with ports for outputs and inputs. Sound and image will be transmitted by cabling via the adapters. To acquire these different accessories you can contact the persons in charge in the dedicated shops. They will be able to guide you and give you advice. But you can also go on the net and visit the sites specialized in this field. You can also take part in discussion forums reserved for customers.

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