Breakdowns of LCD screens and touch panels are very common

In the screen of smartphones there are several layers. First there is the one protective glass, then a touch screen that detects fingers and finally a screen itself. And the most frequent failures are those that touch the LCD screen and the touchscreen for multiple causes.

Differentiating between LCD screen and touch glass

Most recent smartphones and tablets are equipped with assembled screens, i.e. the LCD screen and the touch screen are in the same screen block. There are still models where the two are separated. This does not mean that these models are obsolete or out of date. It is just that they are manufactured with separate screens. This is the case of many tablets and smartphones on the technology jewelry market. Tablet or smartphone breakdowns are repetitive on the LCD and tablet touchscreen areas. Before embarking on a repair, one should be able to differentiate between these components.

LCD screen and touch glass repairs

There are two solutions: repair your appliance by going to professionals, or do the repair yourself. Firstly, if you choose to call in professionals, if your phone or tablet is still under warranty, it is recommended that you go to the store where you bought it to get free service. However, if the warranty period has expired, you can still go to the store where you bought your phone or tablet, but you will have to pay the cost of the repair. If you're adventurous, you can go through the hands of craftsmen who specialize in repairing device screens. You will have to pay the cost of the part to be replaced and the labour. The advantage of this approach is the assurance of having a repaired and functional device within your reach. However, if you are tempted by a home repair, what are the steps to follow?

Learn how to repair your appliance yourself

You must perform a diagnostic to be sure of the problem before touching the faulty screen. Then go to the mobile accessory market to find new spare parts that are useful for repair or original manufacturer's parts to make sure you have the right part. As for the steps to follow, you can consult online tutorials. They are available in the form of detailed videos made by professionals. But you can also post on forums to get the help you need.
The charging plug and connector are often quickly damaged!

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