The charging plug and connector are often quickly damaged!

Mobile and tablet accessories such as plugs and sockets often cause us problems, as these are the parts that most often fail. This can range from minor to serious complications. Here are a few solutions to remedy this.

Charging socket and connector for smartphone or tablet

Whether it's a smartphone or tablet or even a PC, there are different sockets and connectors available: those for headphones, chargers and other accessories. It is especially with these devices that problems are most common. Solutions vary depending on the type of problem. They can range from a simple mouthpiece caused by dust or debris, to greater difficulties that require the replacement of the part in question. When your smartphone is charging poorly or the USB connector doesn't fit properly in its housing, before panicking, always check and clean the connector to see the extent of the damage.

Repairing your plug and connector

Some repairs can be done at home without having to turn to professional repairers. Simply identify the problems and acquire spare parts to replace them. A range of specialized parts is available on the market if your unit does not fit the standard parts. You can purchase an original cable with a Micro-USB charging connector to eradicate the problem. In any case, if you want to repair the unit yourself, start by cleaning it and if the fault persists you can start changing parts.

Parts for smartphone and tablet plugs and connectors

The installation of some spare parts, however, requires know-how. The installation of the Lightning charging cable with Lightning charging connector ₊ jack plug requires disassembly of the device before replacement can be started. This is also the case for the Apple 30-pin charging module ₊ jack socket 3.5. In these cases, if you are good at DIY, you can do the whole process, but you may get lost in the complexity of the device. Finally, remember the following points: always check the cause of the problem, carry out repairs by yourself if the procedure is less demanding, and if in doubt, consult professionals or people with sufficient knowledge.
Breakdowns of LCD screens and touch panels are very common

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